• "The best is just good enough" "keep it simple and useable" "offer solutions" "adjust and change" "create a baseline" "vision and perfection" "continiously improve" "To make a difference"

Welcome To My Website

Enterprise IT services you can use and afford. Pay what you want:

First request is free: [email protected]
If you need to talk about things, invite me for dinner.


I see myself as an entrepreneur to the continuous improvement in IT.
As hardware, software and license expert I provide TCO optimisation to the business.
My passion to improve allows me to change the IT environment with simple effectiveness.
My strength is structuring IT solutions, predicting failures and managing the life-cycle
to build a trustable IT environment.

Frank Theilen

From $150/month you can send me emails. Describe your problem or topic and what you want to know. I will respond quickly with alternatives, options or confirm that you are on the right path.

From $150/hour I can provide the needed information in a presentation and documentation to propose the solutions in a meeting.
Depending on scope and volume, you might share your savings or contribute a part of the investment as a premium instead of an hourly payment.

IT is not the only topic. I might help with other decisions. Do you have any plans with logical structures and want some outside opinion?

Name your topic and price! You need a partner? If it is interesting and might change the world, I am open for suggestions.