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My imagination is endless. I can provide a vision for your IT too.
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If you need to talk about things invite me for dinner.

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Sometimes you might need someone to confirm your ideas for the future or provide a second opinion? Or you just want to know how something works? Get it right?


you can send me emails. Describe your problem or topic and what you want to know. I will respond quickly with alternatives, options or confirm that you are on the right path.

let me know if you need to call me.

CIO's + CTO's: Do you need a solution quickly to get the directors and CxO’s off your back? Far from fulfilling projects or managing business solutions? Third parties crumble away and SLAs are not helping? IT can't help to bring in more knowledge or man power?

IT Manager: How to get new things if the operational costs are sucking all the budget for the year? Legacy systems drag you down and are not getting replaced? No help to clean up or establish a healthy security understanding in the business? Communication down to zero? Outsources not helping?

HR/Agents: Can't find someone to suit for the role? Might change the role to suit someone?

Politicians: It is a small step to send an email to a professional like me to ask a question. It is a long way out of the publicity if you proposed or published something that was not clearly reviewed or communicated.

Time to get answers to questions.

Send me some urgent questions per email.

If you want some alternative to offer or get something better, save on hard and software or if you need more research and evidence:


I can provide the needed information in a presentation and documentation to propose the solutions in a meeting.
Depending on scope and volume, you might share your savings or contribute a part of the investment as a premium instead of an hourly payment.


What about home improvment? Or planning to build? Maybe you need someone to look through the plan and give you tips?

Name your topic and price! You need a partner? If it is interesting and might change the world, I am open for suggestions.